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    GOFORD MOSFET IN PD APPLICATION----analysis of MCDODO 30W PD product:
    GOFORD MOSFET IN PD APPLICATION----analysis of MCDODO 30W PD product:
    GOFORD MOSFET has been widely used in the PD market. After passing the Samsung PD25W project test successfully in 2018,
    MCDODO has fully adopted GOFORD MOSFET series as VBUS and  SR MOSFET since 2019.
    MCDODO was established in 2013 and is a well-known consumer  electronics brand in China. MCDODO is the
    first who introduced 
    "intelligent charging" concept, and has become the leader in this field after launching a series
    of smart charging products. MCDODO products 
    are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world,
    thousands of sales outlets.
    Mcdodo 30W 1A1C USB PD fast charging charger is simple in design. The standard US pin can be folded for easy
    storage and carrying.
    At the 
    same time, the AC pin can be changed to meet different standards in many countries and regions. This product has also passed FCC, ETL certification, and achieves the level VI energy efficiency standards. The 30W output power of the USB-C port can not only charge mobile phones and portable power, but also iPad and low-power notebook computers.
    It has a wide range of applications. At the same time, the 
    USB-A port supports 22.5W fast charging, which is very friendly to Huawei's low-voltage high-current fast charging mobile phones.

    MCDODO 30W 1A1C Quick Charge Dis-assembly

    The charger is equipped with a full set of control chips and components made in China.There are two MOSFETS in the two output interface, which are output VBUS switch MOSFETs, GOFORD,G30N03A,NMOS.

    The PCB board on the back of the USB-A interface is also equipped with a secondary synchronous rectifier circuit. GOFORD GT52N10D5 fits in.

    The back layout of the PCB is very simple; there is isolation between the high and low voltage part.